Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Studio Wall Easel

Pottery Barn Wall Easel: $235 (Pottery Barn frames = $275) TOTAL: $510

Jenna's Rustic Version: $17 (Ikea frames = $85) TOTAL: $102

My spectator as I took photos :) 

Total Savings: $408

beneath my heart

How to make your own Studio Wall Easel:

Supplies: Piece of Wood, Wood Stain, Black Ribbon, Nails, Plumbing Pipe Brackets, and Picture Frames

1. I took a hammer to the piece of wood (mine is about 6 feet long). I distressed it by hitting it with both sides of the hammer multiple times.
2. I then took the plumbing brackets and bent them around the wood and into the shape I wanted.
3. I stained the wood until I had the color I wanted.
4. While the stain was drying, I took the plumbing brackets and sprayed them black (I also took a few screws and sprayed them black).
5. Once the stain was dry, I took 4 pieces of black satin ribbon (about 4 feet each) and nailed them into the board (leaving space for the brackets to be attached on the ends).
6. Then I hung the board on the wall with the plumbing brackets.
7. Here is the secret... I didn't really hang the frames from the ribbon. I used nails to nail through the ribbon and hold the frames in place on the wall. I couldn't figure out a way for the ribbon to hold the frames but after thinking about it for way too long... I realized I didn't need the ribbon to hold up the frames... it just needed to look like it was ;)

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  1. Awesome!!! Nate told me you were working on some picture frame thing.. :-)
    It looks really cool! and your savings by doing it yourself is even better! Can't wait to see it filled with pictures!

  2. Thank you! I had a lot of fun doing it. I'll post better photos once I get the frames filled (and the extra frame I am missing). I was amazed how much the Pottery Barn one would have cost. WOW! No thanks. I had such a blast distressing the wood. I could do that all day long ;)

  3. Nice...You are so thrifty and crafty at the same time, which I absolutely love about you!!!

  4. What a great project! Looks awesome :-)

  5. Wow! You did an amazing job & love the price! Awesome!


  6. You may have just solved a major dilemma for my husband and I. We have a picture rail that looks identical to the rail you made. I wanted a picture rail and he doesn't want me drilling into the wall. This could be the middle ground. Thanks!

  7. Okay, and I'm just re-reading and realized you nailed into the wall. That won't appease my spouse, but I'm still totally inspired and looking for a way to replicate with no holes. ;)