Tuesday, September 27, 2011

CD Baby Announcement

Nate brought it to my attention that I should put Marlo's baby announcement on our DIY blog. It made sense...we did "DIY" them (with a lot of help from Abby at Monogram Wedding).  Well before we had baby girl (back when she was just an idea), Nate made the comment to me that he thought a CD baby announcement would be neat. I was not totally convinced. Once we found out we were pregnant, he got right to work on a playlist for a "boy" and one for a "girl". He had the playlists ready and waiting. Once M was born, he played me the Jack Johnson song "My Little Girl". It brought tears to my eyes. I loved everything about it! With that song, he had me convinced that a CD announcement might actually be a neat idea.  I drew up an outline of what we were looking for and sent it off to Abby. Abby put our ideas to work and the CD baby announcement was born!

Marlo's Baby Announcement

We used a photo of M holding onto the necklace that Nate bought me after she was born of her first initial. 

The inside flap listed her "baby stats".

The pocket held the CD along with a newborn photo taken of her. 

On the back of the photo, we added our favorite line from Jack Johnson's "My Little Girl".

On the back of the envelope, we included M's return address and "M" monogram.

We tied the announcement together with dark brown string and placed them into envelopes to be mailed. The key to mailing CD's is to make sure they hand meter them otherwise the CD can get ruined. 

Save the best (and back) for last...

My favorite part was the back of the announcement. We had a photo taken of all 3 of our feet and turned it into a label that we placed on the back of the announcement. Abby had to use photoshop to get the dog hair on my toes (the pugs were determined to appear the announcement somehow).  All photos used in the announcement were taken by Alisa Hayes Photography

Marlo's Musical Playlist:
"My Little Girl" - Jack Johnson
"Sweet Pea" - Amos Lee
"My Front Porch Looking In" - Lonestar
"Nothing Else" - Dave Barnes
"Like My Mother Does" - Lauren Alaina
"Make You Feel My Love" - Adele
"I Won't Let Go" - Rascal Flatts
"New Soul" - Yael Naim
"Capri" - Colbie Caillat
"A Beautiful Day" - India Arie
"Diamonds and Pearls" - Prince
"Hello World" - Lady Antebellum
"Little Miss Magic" - Jimmy Buffett
"Daughters" - John Mayer
"Just the Way You Are" - Bruno Mars
"Born this Way" - Lady Gaga
"Good Life" - Onerepublic
"My Best Days are Ahead of Me" - Danny Gokey
"Isn't She Lovely" - Stevie Wonder


  1. Wow...what a fun announcement to open up! Jenna, you need to quit your day job and sell your great crafty projects.

  2. They turned out so cute I love them!!! (toot toot)

  3. Thanks Rachel! I was so pleased with them, thanks to our amazing artist (Abby) and photographer (Alisa)!

  4. Are you aware that René is a male name? Renée with an "e" is female.

    1. I am. :) It's a family name and we didn't want to change the spelling.