Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Wall Color - Bye Bye YELLOW!

When we found the interior base paint color in the garage, the can read "Antique White", which is a nice way of saying "Light Yellow".  The color drives us crazy! We have finally decided on a base color for the majority of the common areas.  It is called "Gobi Desert". It's a tan-grey color. While Nate was out of town this week, I painted the majority of the kitchen. The color looks awesome and makes the house feel warm and cozy. It's going to look great in the rest of the house.... just not sure when we will get to it. One wall at a time!


  1. Super cute guys! I love the colors you have picked out. Your house is coming together so nicely. Now, CJ and I just need to plan a visit! xoxo

  2. That wall color looks amazing! It’s so tranquil and peaceful without being boring and dull. I, too, am not a very big fan of the color yellow on the walls, unless it’s on the cream or beige side. So, I might be a little biased when I say that even though I don’t know what the walls looked like before you repainted them, this new color is a lot better than before!