Monday, June 21, 2010

Hard to Top this Bar Table & Chair Find!

There is a couple in Bend who take furniture or furniture pieces and add their own flair to it. The husband builds most of it and his wife paints or stains it. It is amazing what they do! Every 3 or 4 months, they open their house to people to come through and purchase their most recent projects. You recieve a plain envelope in the mail (with only the street as the return address) with a very simple flyer inside. The flyer is hand drawn and simply says the date and time. This place gets packed...and I will never ever ever miss one of her 'Trunk Shows".

My mom and I went to her last one. Thank goodness she was there with me. A high bar like table and 2 unique matching barstools were sitting out back. There were a few people looking at it also. As we were talking about it, we realized how perfect it would be on our huge wall in our dining room. My mom dove for the tags and handed them to me and said "GET IT!". It was $460 for a very unique and amazingly sturdy furniture set! We love it and it is perfect!

The kind man helped load it into the truck and as he did so, he told us that he had just taken really unique pieces of wood and made them work together. Someone had thrown the barstool bases out and he grabbed them and created wood seating surfaces that matched the table perfect. I am so glad that my mom dived for those tags! Go Mom!

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