Thursday, February 3, 2011


I have seen a few blogs that have adorable silhouettes of family and pets. We LOVE our pugs and I wanted to find a cute way to frame them as silhouettes because of how silly they are shaped. I had these 2 adorable mirrors that I was not using so I decided to treat them as frames for my new art project. 

First, I found pictures of the pugs, sized them to be about equal, printed them on basic copy paper, then cut them out. I then traced the cutouts onto black paper and cut those out. 

 I took 2 pieces of patterned scrapbook paper and glued the Pug Silhouette's onto them. Tada... homemade Pug-Art! 


  1. Welcome back!! I love the pug art! I actually have our 2 cats Charlie & Hamilton, their heads as silhouettes, I planned on hanging them in the bathroom, but went a different direction. cute cute!

  2. Thanks! I think I might do a side shot of their body and see if I like that better. I just don't hink I can get them to stand still enough to get a good picture. I want to see yours!!!