Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby Shower Ideas

We have been spoiled... I mean SPOILED by coworkers, friends, and family over the past few weeks! We are expecting our first little one in late July. I am so amazed at the creativity and simply RAD ideas that people around me come up with. Here are just some neat ideas from Baby W's showers:

Waddle on Over to the Duck Pond

Waddle on Over to the Duck Pond Shower Invites from

Gift boxes were provided for guests to fill in with candy and sweets.

The sweets table included candy, cupcakes, and a cake shaped as a  bathtub filled with rubber duckies. 

Rubber duck cake and cupcakes

An adorable duck themed diaper cake

The cooler for the drinks was a baby bathtub from our registry. After the party, they gave the tub to us as a gift. 

Guests played BINGO as the gifts were opened.

This idea is from Abby @

Guests were asked to write down their gender, weight, height, and date prediction for the new arrival. 

Baby Wilson's Brunch Shower

Brunch Shower Invitation from

Guests were asked to take their name tag from the mirror and guess the arrival date of Baby W by placing it on the calendar. Depending on if they thought Baby W was a boy or a girl, they would use a pink or blue thumbtack. 

Guests names were placed on this mirror for them to grab and place on the calendar.

"Dad to Be" guessed a boy on the expected due date.

Guests were asked to fill in the blanks on a card using descriptive words to describe what they thought about Baby W's arrival. They made great keepsakes for us and will be a lot of fun to look back at once Baby W is here. 

Lisa made tissue puffs that acted as centerpieces for the tables. 

As a favor, guests filled their own goody bags with sweets in the shower colors.

Welcome Baby Hannah Rose

These photos are from a good friend of ours baby shower. Baby Hannah is due just one week before Baby W! 

Favor boxes with a petite four were given out to guests as they left.
**All paper products were also printed by**

The favor boxes were displayed on a tiered platter.
A banner saying "Baby Hannah".
The invite for the shower was framed and used as decoration.  

Guests were asked to help decorate a onesie for baby Hannah.

The onesie acted as a cute guest book that mom and baby can hold onto for years to come. 

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  1. Oh my goodness! all kinds of good ideas! what a great post!

    PS Congrats on your new little one! and I LOVE Bend, one of my favorite places to visit!

  2. Thanks Sandi! I had to show off my creative friends and all they have done! Yes, Bend is wonderful. Thanks again for you comment :)

  3. Hey Jenna! I'm so glad you liked my post on my laundry room...I swear I am just in LOVE with that room. Who knew you could WANT to be in a laundry room so much! :)
    Your baby shower was beautiful! The gals that did my last baby shower did it in duckies too! They did some of the same ideas for the theme as was so much fun and yours looked fun too!
    Thanks for being my newest follower, I'm following you now too. :)
    God bless

  4. Oh goodness Jenna...such cute themes from your shower. Baby W definitely looks like he/she was spoiled! So cute....

  5. All of the showers turned out so cute! Baby W is defiantly going to be spoiled!! Especially from Gma G! haha I need to snag some of these pictures and add them to my portfolio! :)

  6. Abby... ya, you had A TON to do with these showers! Great work!! They were wonderful!

  7. All the ideas are incredible and thanks for sharing this nice post.
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