Saturday, July 16, 2011


I want a UNIQUE round coffee table for our living room! The 2 key things...UNIQUE and ROUND! We have a sectional in our living room that we love but the table we have there right now (rectangular) does not fit. All of our tables downstairs (all of them) are rectangular....we need some shape in this place! :)  I love this one from West Elm but it's too low.

Carved Wood Coffee Table
I also like the iron/metal on coffee tables like these:

I love the top on this one but I think it would look neater with a thicker top.

I really love the looks of this one...just wish it was round. I love the color of the top.
Brick Layers Coffee Table
I like it even better with wheels...
Aiden Coffee Table | World Market
...if only it was ROUND.

So.. my task (well...our task).. is to MAKE our ideal ROUND and UNIQUE coffee table with all of these elements... or find one here soon ;) I am getting sick of trying to get around this rectangular thing!  Wish us luck!


  1. Check this out:
    It's rectangular, but you could totally modify it! Get on it! t-minus 5 days till baby W comes! :)

  2. ...oh I like it Abby! I also have an idea to make one out of the pallets I found down at Nate's shop. If it fails, I am going this route! Love the idea. The projects are keeping my mind off of our countdown (it's going by slow!)!!