Saturday, July 2, 2011

What a Wrapping Mess!

Every time I go to wrap a gift, I am haunted by this box underneath the guest bed. Sure, it made sense when we lived in a very small compact house but now that we have closet space, there is no reason to hide this ugly, cramped, and unorganized wrapping paper box under a bed (notice my wonderful helpers in this project)!

My solution (thanks to my mother's idea) is to take a shelf in our linnen closet and turn it into a wrapping shelf.
All I needed were a few random supplies from the garage - a basket (I ended up using more than one), a hanger, and a few zip-ties. 
 I bent the hanger so that it would create a block for the rolls of wrapping paper so that they wouldn't roll off of the shelf. Then I used the zip-ties to hold the hanger in place. It's quite ugly so I made sure it wasn't visible from the doorway. My dad was the genius behind this clever fix in my mom's wrapping paper closet.
Now it was time to get organized! Using the baskets, I created a space for gift bags, jewelry boxes, and ribbon. 

Wrapping gifts is now a much easier and accessible process in the Wilson house!

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  1. Love your wrapping paper colors! My wrapping station could use an over-hall, too.