Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nice Legs!

I bought this beeeeeeeauty off of Craigslist with this bench for $60 all because of it's amazing legs! I fell in love with "The Nester's" office over at The Nesting Place and have used her office as my inspiration for my own office/craft room. My husband thought I was crazy when I looked at the guy and said "we'll take it"!   The previous owners attempted to redo the table by sort-of sanding it down then putting a few layers of stain on it. In the end, it was a sticky mess! I simply loved the beveled legs!

Table Before:

Nate helped me by sanding down the multiple layers of stain:

Then I sprayed a few layers of primer (I did it the lazy way and used a spray can):

After a few layers of white paint, my table was done!

The table was the final addition to our formal dining room converted into a usable den/craft space. 

All of my craft supplies are stored in the armoir (that I scored on craigslist for $0!). 

I brought down a desk from our guest room. This is where my husband works.

We love this room for many reasons...

1. Nate has extra space to spread out work if needed.
2. I can do crafts in there and leave them for a few days until they are complete (and not on my dining room table)
3. When we need an extra table, it can be converted back into a dining room table using the 2 chairs and the bench (which we did this past weekend for Nate's birthday party)!
4. Forget that formal living room that never got used! This room is used all the time!

Oh and just for the fun of it.... here is the "before" photo of when we bought the house :) 


  1. The table and new office look beautiful. I love the paint you selected for the walls :)
    I wanted to let you know I am passing the "Versatile Blogger Award" on to you! Check out my blog for details. If you have already received this, no worries!

  2. This looks so good, Jenna. The table is fabulous, but I'm also swooning over the wall coloar and those curtains. It's a lovely space.

  3. @Kim - Thank you! The curtains are from Ikea (years ago... they have been in 3 houses). The paint color is awesome. It's called "Antique Earth" from Behr at Home Depot.

  4. This is fabulous! Love this paint color like the other girls. Can't believe that beautiful armoir was free!

  5. Thanks Brittany! I am still shocked that the kind women off of Craigslist just said "glad it's going to a good home". She had it listed for $40 (even that was a deal) but just gave it to us. It was a great find!