Friday, March 2, 2012

Pallet Gun Cabinet

Eric (the hunter) has done it again! Using recycled pallets, he created his very own, custom gun cabinet! It is simply gorgeous. He was kind enough to share photos with me of the process and final product. We are not hunters at the Wilson house, but this is one gun cabinet that I would not mind having in my house!

Creative, custom, unique... love it! Thanks so much for sharing!

NOTE:  ***Before selecting your pallet, make sure that you are aware of how the pallet was treated in order to make sure it is safe for your house. All pallets should be marked with a code that lets you know how it has been treated.
-Heat treatment (HT) (SAFEST OPTION FOR USE IN YOUR HOME)-Methyl bromide fumigation (MB) -Chemical pressure impregnation (CPI)It is also very important to make sure that the pallet is free of insects. Make sure the wood is in good condition and does not splinter easy

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