Saturday, October 1, 2011

Baby Crib Mobile

After hours and hours of looking for the perfect mobile for Marlo's crib, I decided to just make her one (shocking!). I am not a fan of the big bulky mobiles that attach to the side of the crib. I am well aware that there might come a time when the lights, music, spinning, vibrations and whatever else those things do might actually come in handy but personally, I like the simple look. She seems to be very interested in anything that has multiple colors and dimension (picture frames on the wall, chandeliers, window treatments, and her all time 

I absolutely love how it turned out (I know I say that about every project I put on here... but that is why it is on this blog. There are many projects that are not blog worthy and therefor end up in a closet or garage).  I had purchased Marlo's curtains from World Market. I bought an extra one along with some coordinating fabric and a good friend of mine turned it into her bedding (read more about that here). Since we didn't know if Marlo was going to be a "him" or a "her", I decided to wait on the mobile. Since she is now all girl and has more pink than I ever imagined would be in this house, I figured I had to make the mobile a tad girly. 

Here is the process (lots of photos...but it actually only took a few hours)...

Supplies: Cricut, scrapbook paper, a medium embroidery hoop, string or fishing line, and a wooden bead

First, I cut out all of the shapes using the autofill on my Cricut.

I chose to copy the print and colors of the curtains (except I added a little splash of pink to girly it up!)

Using leftover stain, I stained the inside piece of the embroidery hoop. I also stained a small wooden bead to cover the knots holding the hoop in position. 

Using a 16 gage needle, I made holes in all of the cutouts. 

Using dark brown string, I tied 3 knots before I strung on a shape. 

I did 6 shapes on each string and made 9 strings full of random shapes and colors.

I tied each string of shapes onto the hoop keeping them at similar lengths. Next I tied 3 strings onto the hoop and gathered them about 8 inches above the hoop. I placed the bead here to cover the knot. I then cut and attached a long piece of string to attach to the ceiling. 


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  1. So cute! Waaaay better than a store bought one for sure! I pinned it on my pinterest :)

  2. Thanks Abby :) Marlo LOVES it! It's so neat to watch her just stare at it!

  3. That is adorable! Great job =)

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